If you are going to fly, you have to overcome some things. My new puppy thinks that she can fly. She really can get airborne, but she can’t stay there. She hasn’t completely overcome gravity yet.

The flying deck is stacked against you – unless you can overcome drag and gravity, both of which have laws supporting them – you have to stay on the ground or in the water. Truly: it is against the law for you to fly. Two laws.

Learning how to apply thrust and lift to your self in ways that break those laws will empower you to F L Y.

If you are going to be unoffendable (and you should be), you are going to have to break some natural laws, too. The tension points in flying are drag/thrust and gravity/lift. The tension in offense is pride/love and taking things personally/being serious.

Be more interested in making a difference in someone’s life than in defending your honor or reputation and you can make a difference. Be more serious about what really changes in their life when you encounter someone who doesn’t respect or love you ¬†than you are about your feelings and you can see changes in their life.

Jesus broke the law of how you pay for sin by being more serious about the joy that was set before Him (you) than He was about being honored and worshiped and protected from harm.

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