Know Your Enemy

When Israelis who were led by Joshua invaded land that had been settled by descendants of Canaan, they had been instructed by Yahweh not to make any deals with the inhabitants (Exodus 23:32,33).

The local Hivites deceived them into believing that they had come from far away, and were looking for a place to settle. Israel made a treaty with them (Joshua 9). When Joshua discovered the deception, he cursed the Hivites to be slaves forever.

In way, Joshua made the same mistake regarding these people that he had made at the city of Ai – he failed to inquire of Yahweh for direction. When he did inquire, he was led to impressive victories over his enemies.

You don’t normally overcome your enemies if you don’t know who they are. The battle with Mohammedan terrorists these days is difficult because they are hidden among people who are not our enemies. Further weakness toward them is created by the popular habit our nation’s leaders have of making deals. We offer protection to people who intend to control us.

Worldwide, terrorists have murdered thousands of believers in the past few years. As tremendous as this threat against believers is, a greater threat is making deals with influences that exist among the membership of the church worldwide. Not believers, but nominal (in name only) church members.

Influences such as valuing mediocrity, Christian universalism (Jesus died for everyone, so everyone is saved), rituals and meetings being valued more than transformed lives and impacted communities, these are modern Hivites with whom we must make no deals. This list is a very short sampling of them.

Pray before joining projects or congregations or deciding where to work or live. Expect to be led to great victory and glorious life. Success in our callings can only be found beyond revelation – after gaining knowledge from the Most High God. We must know who our God says we are, and who He says our enemies are.

Submit to your God and resist the enemies He reveals. Take the land He has promised to you.


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