Hebrews 11

Some people call Hebrews 11 the “Hall of Faith.”

I wondered for quite a while when I was being stretched from average church member to expecter of the miraculous, why the writer was bragging on these heroes regarding their faith when their ends included being cut in two, being whipped, beaten, poor, living in caves and deserts, and not receiving what they were promised. It seems to me now that I am not judged in heaven by whether people get well or not when I pray for them, but by whether I pray for them to be healed when the Holy Spirit leads me to.

Obedience and faith are inseparable. As James wrote, we give evidence of our faith by what we do or what we refuse to do. Our success is not measured by Jesus the way our accusers measure it.

How many times did Jesus send his disciples out on missions before they even knew how to pray (Luke 9-11)? If you are bearing much fruit, Jesus will prune you so that you will bear more fruit. After you are healed and again experience growth…

Be filled with faith. Be filled with confidence in the love our God has for us and for those to whom He sends us. Be filled with the confidence He has in your ability to succeed.

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