Hard Hearts and Heads

Mark 6:30-52

Jesus’ disciples participated in the miraculous feeding of 5000 men and their families. When everyone had as much as they wanted to eat, the disciples each gathered a basket of leftovers from what began as five loaves of bread and two fish.

Jesus then sent His disciples by boat across the sea. At 3am, when they were halfway across, Jesus appeared on the water walking toward them. They were terrified of Him.

They let Him get in the boat, and the hard winds they had been fighting suddenly calmed. All of this astounded them, according to Mark, because they had not understood the miraculous feeding. They had not understood it because their hearts were hard.

Clearly, if you are involved in something Jesus does supernaturally, you should expect normal to shift to a more miraculous place.

You could see awesome things happen, and still have a hard heart that isn’t changed by the events. Why not always expect more? Build hope and expectations on your experiences.

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