Always a Bigger Picture

1 Corinthians 12:4-26

(6,7) There are different gifts, different arenas in which they are useful, and different kinds of work that the Holy Spirit wants to empower us to do. There is only one Spirit giving all the different gifts and ministries. The Holy Spirit is manifested (revealed or unveiled) in each believer through gift and work, for the good of all believers.

I need to ask Him who He says I am if I don’t yet grasp what my gift is or what the work is that it should be empowering me to do, or if I don’t know where I should be doing it. It could be in gatherings of believers, or where I am employed as an engineer or an accountant or a teacher or a mechanic or anything else.

Even if I am convinced that I am a teacher or prophet (or something else), even if I have certainty about what the work looks like and that I am in the right position, I am not through seeking the Spirit about my work. What ministries should be related to mine? Whose ministry does mine make possible or give increase to?

What is the big picture? How do I fit in to it?

Look beyond just finding your purpose. What is our purpose? What is the Lord of the Harvest doing in and through His Body, and how do I add to the work at that level?

With whom must I be connected in a committed or sacrificial way?

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