Aloft, Like a Swallow

A dove is frequently seen on the ground under a bird feeder, picking through the grass for the seeds that other birds disliked or carelessly dropped. A cardinal frequents the feeder, picking through the seed offerings for her favorite flavors, casting the others down to the doves and robins.

A swallow loves the heavenly places. Feeding on flying things, she rockets and coasts and flits and chases – not spending much time on the ground or in her nest.

We have access to an open door, that John saw when it was opened. The veil has been ruined. It didn’t swing back closed. It gapes, wondrous Light pouring through, trying to catch our inattentive eyes.

We have been invited to “come up here” along with John. It is our inheritance to spend time in the holiest places in the universe. How much we will regret having spent so much time walking in the weeds looking for what has been cast down and is easy to find, if that is the way we live.

You can’t fly too high. The real danger is in being satisfied with staying too low. Spend your energy aloft, where the view is true and the air is fresh and the sun is hot.

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