Curses or Blessings

We have tendency to value everything from our perspective and nothing from Yahweh’s perspective. When we get that repaired, we will be walking in the Spirit in His Kingdom.

We can’t tell the difference between blessed things and cursed things until we can see them from the throne room of God. There is a Hebrew word that is transliterated “cherem” (Strongs: h2764) that appears 38 times in Scripture. It literally means “net” or “shut in.”

The first time Yahweh used it was Leviticus 27:21. There, He described a field that had been given to Him and was to be used only by a priest. Another use was in Joshua, when He described the items the Israelis would find in Jericho, and leave in Jericho. The KJV translated the word there and throughout Joshua as “accursed.”

A problem with that translation is that it is not from God’s perspective. He was saying that it belonged to Him. It was a picture of sanctification as far as He was concerned – set apart to Him. It was protected from being ours, though. That’s what made us think it was a curse.

Other translations, and even the KJV in other places, translate it “devoted.” It’s what our flesh and possessions need to be – set permanently apart to Him, so that we can freely use them in righteousness, or stop being distracted by them because we don’t even know they still exist.

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