Your sons and daughters need a champion to lead them.

They don’t need a hall monitor. They don’t need the police. They need someone who will shout a charge to steal 3rd, not someone who is constantly reminding them to keep touching the base until they are ready to run.

They may really be maintenance staff, who will just take the things we built and keep the lights on and the doors locked at night, but since you are reading stuff I write, I don’t think that’s likely. I think that if you are their parent, they need to have rocket fuel for breakfast. I think that they need to believe more for their future than just, “You can be president of the United States, if you want too.”

Be the champion that stands ahead of them on the ice to find the place where it really starts to crack. Be their intercessor and encourager and bridge. Know Jesus better than they do so that when the day comes that they know Him better than you, they will be excited to tell you the deeper things they have discovered.

When they go farther than you, ask for a hand to join them in the new place.

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