You have a skeleton. A beetle has an exoskeleton. If someone tried to install an exoskeleton on your body, it would range in effect somewhere between a space suit and an iron maiden.

Structure in a building gives it strength and shape. While a building is being constructed, a system of scaffolding is frequently used around it.

As we build the Church (yes, I know – Jesus said He would build His Church – but Paul made it clear that He plans to employ you in the process of it: 1 Corinthians 3:9-15) we sometimes install human control mechanisms.

We want to control what others do, and erect permanent scaffolding or an iron exoskeleton that keeps everything safe from becoming too different or too new or too scary.

We should be focused on building launch pads and runways and on ramps, and developing fueling stations. We should be creating tracking devices that plot the new maps.

Prefer the dangerous place of too much liberty to the dangerous path back to Egypt.

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