On Being Awesome

Being well rounded with regard to your education and social preparation for life may make you less offensive, or better equipped to converse at parties, but it doesn’t lead to awesomeness. It is really maybe just being mediocre at many things.

In order to attain awesomeness, you become offensive on days. Challenging on days. You can’t even stand yourself on days. It is because having purpose and passion (that means pain) and being devoted to living in a way that they influence each other threatens many established and unquestioned things and people.

One of my heroes says it makes you a unicorn in a balloon factory. Somebody’s favorite things pop just because you showed up and looked around.

So, hoping for both popularity and awesomeness may lead you to an unsettled soul. Hoping for both awesomeness and effectiveness will probably lead you to leave behind a changed world.

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