Supper with The Lord

I suggest that if you aren’t eating meals with other believers very often that you aren’t very connected to the body of Jesus.

The church is not made of congregations. There are families and tribes, but the church is made of relationships – Ephesians 4 style “joints”.

India is not a nation. It is thousands of tribes who speak thousands of languages. The false national identity was imposed by people from Britain who wanted to control it and live off of its wealth.

The western church, with denominations and congregations that resemble orphanages instead of families, works a bit like that.

Build families and tribes. Build real relationships. You don’t have to leave the congregation if you have work to do there, but don’t pretend it’s the real thing and wither up from lack of Life giving Fellowship.

Invite people over. Take them out. Go visit.

Be awesome.


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