Bridge Out

Today I felt led to greet a gentleman who was sitting in my patients’ waiting room.

We did a little bit of shallow stuff but quickly were talking about the Kingdom of God. Ed shared several testimonies about his health and then impressed me with one about business. 

He owned 3 semi’s and had contracts to haul things both directions between NYC & New Jersey. One afternoon he was praying over his business and saw a movie-style vision. He knew when it was over that the George Washington Bridge had a crack in it and would be closed the next morning by 6am.

He called all 3 of his drivers and told them to be at the terminal where they were to pick up whatever produce the shipper wanted loaded by 6am. They argued that the terminal didn’t open until 7:30, but he prevailed and they obeyed.

The next morning he got a call from the shipper’s dock manager wanting to know why his trucks were there so early. He only answered that he felt that it was supposed to be so.

When he arrived at the terminal a couple hours later, he was greeted by the owner and every worker in the building with a standing ovation. Because the bridge did get closed at 6am, only his trucks made it to the terminal before much later in the afternoon.

Since the produce shipper was the only one in the territory with trucks, they made an extra $24,000 that day.

Talk to Dad often. Listen carefully. It is available to All of His sheep to hear and to know His voice.

Go be awesome.

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