What Jesus Did and Taught

Luke started his journal of the Acts of the Apostles referring to the things Jesus did and taught.

I think it is note worthy that He did, then He taught. Frequently He sent His disciples out to do supernatural work. When they failed or became confused, He then taught.

Even when they were on a mission and were arguing about who among them was the greatest, He didn’t rebuke them for wanting to be the greatest – He informed them regarding the path. Just be the finest slave and you will be the greatest.

Theology continued to follow action as we read the rest of Acts. There is an argument among theologians that insists that we should not change our theology because we think we are seeing God do something new. We should only have faith in things we can find already happened in the Bible.

Pentecostals were persecuted because they were experiencing something and then declaring that “normal” had shifted. Our rules for deciding what God is up to keep men in charge, not Him.

If you see believers doing something new or weird, ask the Spirit what He thinks about it. He’s a Genius about the past, the present, and the future. He likes sharing things like that with friends like you.

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