Great Things

I don’t think that you read my writings because you like average or popular or old fashioned things. I believe that you are some of the people to whom God will reveal things He has prepared for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9,10).

I believe that you are people who will do the things Jesus did and greater things because He sent His Spirit to make you able to do greater things. I believe that, as Sparky Claiborne says, some nights you will go to sleep and think that you dream that you went to another country and did powerful ministry, only to find a coin from that country in your pocket later in the day, because you really were there.

I believe that you will take the mantle that you have been given by those who invested in your ministry and strike it on the water and it will part for you to walk through it. I believe that you will find the faith and the power to overcome time and space whenever it is needed.

I believe that, even though a financial world war is in our near future, you will find provision for every need hidden along the path as you take each step that the Spirit leads you to take (Isaiah 49:8-11).

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