Credible Witness

In order to advance in our level of faith, or of commitment, or understanding, etc, we frequently need to have the input of what I call a “credible witness.”

Credible means believable, or worthy of being believed. Incredible means not believable, or not worthy of being trusted.

When we see someone we trust standing further out on the ice ahead of us than we thought the ice was thick enough to stand on, they can give us courage to walk out further than we would have without their witness. They may be a friend, a mentor, a public leader, or someone who was a hero 80 years ago when they were alive. They may be influencing us as we read their writings or what someone wrote about them.

We need to be credible witnesses to those who are not as far out on the ice as we have found ourselves. We need to be trustworthy, and we need to be bearing witness of what God’s depth has cried out to ours.

In his book, The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy said, “Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.” There is still the issue of what direction Yahweh is calling you. Don’t follow someone even into real deeper truth if the Spirit is calling you to another place or work or team.

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