Being Loved

When the hemorrhaging woman mentioned by Mark in chapter 5 of his gospel record touched the hem of the clothing of Jesus, she was not reaching out to Jesus, but through Jesus. She did not have a clear theology regarding His Kingdom or His salvation or of His divinity. She did, though, recognize Him as the Door. She realized that if she could reach through Him she would access the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that God loved her, and that in His love He not only was able to heal her, but that he wanted to heal her.

When she accessed the Father’s love through Jesus, He did not see it coming. He was not sure what had happened when it happened. He simply felt heaven touch earth through His body. Love was not just a motivation to ministry in this picture – it was the power to heal.

Jesus was not directing His love toward the woman. He was manifesting the Father’s response to her faith in His power. Father was drawing her to His love through Jesus.

You need to experience His love or you cannot bear the weight and cost of your cross. You must draw as often as possible on His love – directly from His Spirit, and through people you know love you with real love.

Do not waste your time and emotion looking for love through selfish or stingy or greedy or bitter people. There is none to be found there. You may find that they will offer something that looks like love which you will only discover is their desire for your person or your possessions, but you cannot find love where it does not reside.

Don’t let their self-centeredness stop you from having a relationship with them, or from loving them, but do not expect them to love you just because you want them to. They cannot give you what they do not have. Look for it where it is, and take full advantage of it.

It will not be an unfair advantage or abuse for you to draw heavily on love where it exists. It will be life to you and to the person you allow to love you.

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