Weekly Preparation

Suppose that each week you had the profound privilege of gathering with some other believers who are mature with regard to their level of knowing Jesus personally and of manifesting Him frequently by bearing much of the fruit of His Spirit.

Imagine that the meeting includes a meal, a time of praising God by declaring His mighty works in the past and testifying about His works in the previous week, and a time of being so focused on His identity and His love that everyone is lost worshiping Him. As He reveals Himself in the gathering, He blesses with truths made clear from Scriptures, prophetic words that encourage and comfort, and miracles of healings and deliverance from bondages. People leave the meetings closer to Jesus and closer to each other. More in love with Him and with each other.

During your week of days between meetings, you intercede for the other members of the group. You make notes of new clarity you receive about certain Scriptures so that you can take responsibility for sharing them with the others. You remind yourself to tell the group about blessings that you see in your life that have clearly been interjected by the hand of your God as He involves Himself in your minutes and hours and days.

Imagine how you would be mindful of the next gathering all through the week, because you are mindful of each family member you will get to be with then. At times you fit them into your life between the meetings because they contact you and you contact them.

Go on and start praying for them now. Pray for them every day. It is the body of Christ. It is normal. Pray for it to be built up in what each part supplies – built up in love. It doesn’t matter what congregations they are in. The body is built of relationships, not memberships and ministries.

Pray to find the others.    Look –

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