Three Governments

The three basic governments in the earth are political, man-controlled government; religious, man-controlled government; and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of God has ministers (servants) assigned to influence the governments of men and the government of His Church. God is not mocked, so men reap what they sow, including the installation of evil, power-hungry political and religious leaders. No one gets authority without being approved by the One Who really has been given ALL authority in Heaven and in earth. He allows us to sow and reap evil, though He first, despises it, and second, will put an end to it at a point in time in the future. Go discover who was the ruler over the Roman government of men when Paul wrote by revelation that the ruler had been placed in that position by the real King (start in Romans 13).

No solution to a human problem will enter the earth through the religious government or the man-made alternative government unless the Kingdom of Heaven has a minister in place to create it in one of those realms. Harvest will come, but no solutions to problems. They sow wind, and reap a whirlwind.

Some unbelievers, surrendered temporarily to the will of the King, will be a part of the creation of righteous harvest, even more so Believers installed in their places of authority in business and government and cetera. Some Believers will be powerful leaders of the Church to new levels of effectiveness in making the Savior known in the earth – those who are surrendered to the King.

Those merely religious leaders, who have man-made authority in the realm of the Church, or in false religions, all intent on gathering more power and more wealth, have no good thing to add to a harvest of goodness in the earth or in Heaven.

We only find the power of God to effect change in the earth by submitting to His authority as a King.

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