Why the Desert?

Why is there always a desert between the place where you hear the call of Yahweh and where the promised place is?

The answer depends on who you are and who you are related to. Generations rarely bless each other, and it takes two generations to launch a movement.

Wilderness for the forerunner generation is about preparing another generation; wilderness for the second generation is about taking the land.

When we learn to build correctly, it is because we have learned to bless the generation that came before us, and to make sacrifices for the generation that comes after us. We have learned to bless the calling of the next generation to enter something we have not seen and don’t understand yet.

1 in a few million even step over into the next generation. They get re-generated and become re-newed enough to be able to bear being re-stretched with the newer wine.

Wilderness for the generation that refuses to bless what leads it and what follows it, and that refuses to trust Yahweh, is a place of unmarked graves.

God’s Will Prevails

When the earth was full of evil-intentioned leaders, Yahweh found one leader who would serve Him by ruling well and washed the rest of humanity out of the earth.

Noah was given the second entire-human-race assignment of dominating the earth in the first two verses of Genesis chapter 9. When two chapters later the leader Nimrod is leading people away from the instruction to fill the earth and dominate it, Yahweh causes His will to triumph over theirs.

By confusing their languages He was enforcing His desire that they would move out and represent Him in all the earth. He drew  agreement with Himself out of their inability to continue to agree with each other.

Under the Elohim

In Psalm 8, the writer marvels at the position that God has put man in.. In Genesis 1:26, “God said, ‘Let us make man…’” In Psalm 8:5, David wrote of man that Yahweh had “… made him to be a little lower than…” and then used the same word that translators generally agree to translate as “God” in Genesis 1:26.

Translators argue about how to translate it in Psalm 8:5. Arguable options include God, god, gods, heavenly beings, and angels. Verse 6 points out that in the “just a little lower than awesome” position Yahweh put us in, He has given us authority over everything His hands made.

If it finds its way into the earth, and was created by Yahweh, He has lent us His authority over it to dominate it.

King Jesus

Our God is a King. He has always been a King.

Jeremiah called Him a King over the nations and an everlasting King (Jeremiah 10:6-10). Micah prophesied that Messiah, Who was going to enter humanity as a Ruler through the tribe of Judah, had been doing things as a King from eternity (Micah 5:2).

Identifying Him as both God and King in all of His doings is usually pretty easy. He owns everything and therefore has authority over it all. His declaration, as a Son of man, “All authority has been given to Me, in heaven and on earth,” (Matthew 28:18) was in context of His humanity. From eternity past, He had authority over all things as Father God, He then was given authority over all things as Son of Man.

When He declared that He is a Door, we usually think of it the way we think of everything that we think – with regard to how it relates to us. He is a Door to us through Whom we can access His Father.

He also, however, became a Door into the earth for His Father. When there was no intercessor to call on in the earth, He became His own Intercessor (Isaiah 59). Having previously given the earth into the hands of men, when there was none to agree with His reign over them, He became a man. As a man, He agreed with every blessing He desired as God to pour into the earth by means of His
Kingdom through humans (Isaiah 9:6,7; 2 Corinthians 1:20).

Please read those Scriptures.

The Building

Each member of the Church has a calling, each has been given grace, and as each part does its share, the body grows – the Church is built, because love holds us together and accomplishes the miracle. Every believer has an important part to perform in the building process. Each believer must listen to the Head of the body in order to find his/her part and must be empowered supernaturally with some manifestation of the Holy Spirit in order to get her/his part done properly.

The instruction from the Cornerstone will include directions related to what part of the building to be working on. This would inform the worker about the location of the congregation related to his/her assignment. The workers need to find from the Lord what their burdens are, so that they can tell if the yoke they are taking up moves the correct burden, or is doing someone else’s work. Trying to pick up whatever work is nearby in whatever congregation is convenient or comfortable may lead a builder to a heavy burden and a difficult yoke, rather than the one the Lord has for them, which would be easy and light.

The next time you hear a person complaining about some lack of activity opportunities or some service they are not receiving or any other problem in the congregation they gather with, ask them if they are related to that congregation because they were instructed to join it by the Holy Spirit. If their answer is “no”, ask them why they are there. If their answer is “yes”, ask them why they are whining rather than interceding for their coworkers and asking the Head of
the Church how to make the congregation succeed at His mission for it. Most people are related to the Church in ways that have no concern for what Jesus has ordained them to.

In John 15:16, Jesus told His disciples that He had “ordained” them to go out and bear much fruit. In 1 Corinthians 12:18, when Paul was writing about the ministries each believer brings forth by the working of the Holy Spirit, he used the same word Jesus used in John 15:16 when he wrote that “God sets the members in the body just as it pleases Him.” The common word is translated into English in the John narrative as either “ordained” or “appointed”. In Paul’s letter, it is translated “set”.

It describes having been put in place on purpose. You don’t climb into the place or achieve the place, you are put there. You have to get the authority, the power, the freedom, even the information of the assignment, from God.

Presuming to walk into a “calling” prevents your work from being a “calling”.

The Foundation

The foundation of the Church of Jesus is Jesus.

He is the Cornerstone of the entire building. A cornerstone in a building is either decorative, listing the builders or owners or designers or financial benefactors who created the building, or is operative, defining the three dimensions of depth, width and height as a cube.

Any vertical line or plane in a building that has its shape defined by a genuine cornerstone must match the plane or line that is represented by the stone. Level, horizontal surfaces or planes or lines in the building must be defined by the top and bottom planes of the cornerstone, and can be compared to those planes for accuracy during the building process.

Jesus, as a person, as a servant, in character, in integrity, in purpose, in strength, and by nature defines the standards of each of these facets of His identity as they are reflected and manifested by and in His Church.

It is possible to identify the genuineness or the quality or power of love in the Church by comparing it to the Cornerstone for accuracy. The words the Church speaks can be compared to the plumb declared by His words to determine if the Church is out of alignment in her declarations. Any activity a congregation is involved in can be judged by the works of Jesus.

Kingdom Business

I saw a news item today that was new back in August.

It will take a little time if you read it, but you may find it worth it. There is video also. It is the story of a young business man in Seattle whose generosity-based work ethic seems to be sourced in his relationship with his King.

Part of the story is how his generosity caused fear and jealousy to spring up and reach out to harm him. It so astonished people that it was difficult to do business for responding to peoples’ foolish attacks.

Here is the link.

If every believer has an important ministry, I would guess that 90% or more of the important ministries that believers should be doing must happen somewhere other than in a congregational setting.

Think for a few minutes about what it has to mean that it is the kingdoms of this world – every level of leadership – that will become the Kingdom of our God.

A New Pharaoh

Israel, whose birth name was Jacob, had 12 sons. Joseph, one of his sons, was sold into slavery by some of his brothers. His path of slavery was anointed by Yahweh and used to put him in Pharaoh’s prison so that when God spoke to Pharaoh in dreams that no one else could interpret, Joseph would be needed by the government to lead them by having the answers about the dreams.

Joseph’s God-given power to discern the dreams and therefore, the times, caused his path to lead to the throne of Egypt. 400 years after that exaltation, a Pharaoh came to power who had no respect for Joseph or his relatives.

His enslavement of the descendants of Israel caused Egypt to increase in greatness. The oppression they experienced under his rule was deadly. Just as He had prevailed over an earlier Pharaoh with wisdom, Yahweh prevailed over the later Pharaoh with power. To the extent that they obeyed Him, He freed His people from their slavery.

Much prophesy is being spoken in attempt to interpret events that are happening around us. Other prophesy is attempting to predict what our future will be like. Some of each is God-breathed. Some is not.

What happens in the earth is important. How we respond to what happens is more important. Being led by the Spirit Who knows the end from the beginning is a pretty smart way to live out your days.

Knowing what He is doing and joining Him in it is within our reach. We should ask. We should obey. Life will be awesome, no matter who sits in Pharaoh’s seat.

Anticipate Success

Yahweh did not pick you because your credentials implied that you were the best choice for the position He had open.

He rewards obedience, so being cooperative may improve your status in Heaven, but He has picked people who were directly opposed to what He was doing in the earth. Cyrus, king of Persia, was picked by Yahweh because He loved Jacob and because He wanted it known throughout the earth that there was no other God. Cyrus didn’t even know that Yahweh was a god, much less that He is the only true God.

Saul began his work as a murderer of believers.

Your future and your success in it are directly related to Yahweh’s intentions and desires, not your portfolio. After He makes you into who He sees you to be, your portfolio will experience quite an upgrade, but you don’t have to be impressive in the beginning.

Your failures, your attitude improprieties, your poor grasp of what the future holds – none of these can hinder you if you walk where He says walk, and do what you see Him do, and if you learn how to agape.

His call is based on His desire. His call on your life is able to educate and empower you to greatness. His intentions toward you and toward the world though you are His grace at work in the earth to make His name known.

You didn’t choose Him, but He did choose you. He set you in place in the way that He knows is excellent. Your intimacy with Him will give you something to bear in the earth that will look like Him and draw people to Him.

You are qualified by His call on your life. Your responsibility is to take each next step with as much faith as you can manifest, and as much agape as you can bear.

Expect to succeed. He expects you to, and He’s a genius about “what happens next” sorts of things.

Acts 15

Paul was followed through most of his church-planting ministry by the people he made mad when he emptied their synagogue to create a congregation. They demanded that Jews remain Kosher and God fearing Gentiles become Kosher.

“No one can please Yahweh without obeying the Torah,” they instructed. “It’s OK that you God fearers have become believers in Yeshua, but you can’t be a good believer without being a good Jew.”

The flames of the argument were eventually taken to the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem, and that leadership wrote every non-Jewish believer a letter. It contains all that is required of Gentile believers to observe of the laws that Yahweh gave Moses to make Israel’s descendants a nation when He brought them out of Egypt.

It is very interesting that the letter doesn’t mention quite a few laws that are popular to impose on believers today. You should read it. It was written to you, if you are not a Jew…