Meaty Minded

Paul, letter to believers in Rome: “…to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” (8:6)

Carnal (flesh-related) mindedness IS death. Instant impact. No waiting. Great for the impatient. Spiritual mindedness IS life and peace. Just as fast, by faith.

When someone mentions the name of someone who annoys you, do you miss the good thing they are saying about the person?

When someone mentions the name of someone who stole from you, do you share the story of the theft?

Thieves and annoying people need to be freed from their failures. They need intercession – prayer for blessing. No one can bless them with more power or with more certainty of impact than one they have wronged.

If your mind is stuck in the past or on the flesh regarding painful relationships and experiences, let your spirit, under the influence of God’s Spirit, lead your mind to higher and better ideas and focus on improved futures becoming possible. Focus on freedom and eternity, and let the Spirit of agape fill you with what He thinks about when those people’s names are mentioned.

Justice and vengeance are not nearly as sweet as sacrificial intercession. That humble, loving kind of prayer reminds everyone in heaven of the cross.

The Spirit will enjoy it. You will learn to!

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