1 Corinthians 11 – The Lord’s Supper

How to get it wrong
°    division
°    eating your meal instead of the Lord’s
°    not honoring the body by waiting until all have arrived before eating the meal
°    despising the church
°    humiliating those who have nothing
°    eating the bread, drinking the cup in an unworthy manner
(profaning body and blood of the Lord)
°    eating and drinking without discerning the body
(eating and drinking judgement, and thereby becoming weak, ill, dead)
How to get it right
*    the bread and the cup are parts of a meal
*    proclaim the Lord’s death through the meal
*    examine yourself (by discerning the body of Jesus) before eating and drinking Him
*    judge yourself truly, so that you won’t be judged
*    come together to eat, and be certain that it is a blessing for all

discern and certain are words that are related to a Latin word for “sift”

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