Good Judgement

The references here are chapter and verse from the revelation of Jesus that John experienced:

One day, Jesus will sit on a throne for judgement of humanity. The awe of His might and glory as He sits for the first time as a Judge will be so terror inspiring that heaven and earth will try to get away (20:11). Every human will be judged for what they did in the earth (20:12,13). That is the first judgement.

The second judgement is according to the Book of Life (20:12-15). After every human is judged regarding their work and behavior while alive, their names are searched for in the Book of Life. If it isn’t found there, they are thrown in the lake of fire, where the beast, the false prophet, Lucifer, death and the grave have been thrown already.

These decisions are made based on two categories of participation in the Lord’s work in the earth: the Church and the Kingdom. Family members’ names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Obedience to the co-mission given to each individual by the King is the point of judgement regarding works and behavior.

So – get people saved by faith in Jesus’ sacrifice, and teach them to obey Him and become His disciples.

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