Being Fruit Full

It is a very valuable blessing to see things that you say or do bear fruit in others’ lives. As you bear the fruit of the Spirit to anoint your work, people flourish at times because they were with Him in you.

There are other times though, when, because you have been bearing fruit well, the Keeper of the King’s Garden prunes you. Suddenly you cannot even bear leaves, and limbs are gone, so you are quite fruitless as far as blessing others is concerned.

It is a short step to become fruitless with regard to the Holy Spirit, too. Especially if someone (human, and/or demon) is accusing you of having done something wrong. Job’s friends didn’t even consider that he might be receiving an opportunity from Yahweh to give Him glory by facing a trial well. If you stop bearing the fruit of the Spirit, that is not because He pruned you.

Like everything else that happens, when you don’t feel fruitful, ask the Spirit of Jesus what He is doing. Ask Him how to co-operate with Him in a way that makes His work easier and faster. You need more fruit of Him than usual. More faith. More agape. More goodness.

When we learn to value what He values and disregard what He ignores, we will find it productive to respond to trials and tests and challenges with the fruit of Him that is joy. Joy will lead us to patience. When we have given patience full freedom to do her work in us, we will be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

Count on it.

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