Yin and Yang are structures ancient Chinese philosophy offered to explain or identify balance. Yin is dark and passive. Yang is bright and aggressive. Yin is female,  Yang is male.

Generally, they are presented as balancing or completing each other, not competing. Represented as a circle with a white drop opposing a black drop, there is a black dot in the white drop, and vice versa. The balance includes the concept that there is a little of the opposite thing in everything, which is not true.

Balance in the Kingdom of God is frequently manifest in mysteries. Things that are basic truths in the Kingdom are senseless to the world. Some don’t even make sense to us on days.

The destroyer is sometimes sent to be my trainer. The lion and the bear were sent to prepare David for Goliath. Some education in God’s plan just teaches us how to learn or listen.

Waiting for assignments to make sense or look successful can be a costly mistake. Not being quickly obedient could have cost Nehemiah or Gideon the nation. 

A murder worked salvation in the earth. The holiest Spirit in all of creation wants fellowship with us. Leaders must be servants. My passion to serve the King by sparing lives from hell is balanced by my patience to see His will done His way no matter how long it takes. 

Pray that you will learn to  hear and trust His voice. Balance in the Kingdom is obedience.

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