Pour Your Oil

Elisha multiplied oil - 2 Kings 4:1-7 
Jesus multiplied fish - Mark 6:30-44
You don’t have to be called to leadership in ministry to be called to serious ministry - 
John 15:16 / 1 Corinthians 12:18

It did not take but a little bit of faith for Peter to walk on the water -- Matthew 14:22-33
You don’t have to have much in your vessel if your pipeline goes to heaven by faith.
Jesus divided 2 fish between 12 apostles. They divided them among the thousands of people.
If the servants who gathered the stone jugs and filled them with water for Jesus had stopped along the way to taste what He sent to the master of the banquet, would it have just been water for them? They were obedient, though, and took it to the man who could have beaten them if it had still been water, and it was amazing wine.
Stop looking at your oil and pour it.
Stop counting your fish and serve them.
There will be enough.


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