New Normal

Rational thinking is what we are told we should base all of our decisions on. Everything should line up with evidence and rational predictability. An example could be that the sun is likely to shine tomorrow, but only until evening, then it will get dark.

If you see something that fits into miraculous better than it fits rational, I suggest that you should change – your new rational should be based on that new revelation of what God is willing to do.

One day in my office I was replacing a light switch in a rest room. The only light in the room was the one I had removed the power from so that I could replace the switch safely. There was a window across the room from the rest room door, but not much light was coming that far through it.

I prayed, “Help me, Lord!” Immediately, a car parked in the rear of the building, directly out from the window that was across the room. The sun, shining on the car’s windshield, was reflected in through the window. It was aiming directly through the rest room door onto the rest room mirror. It reflected from the mirror directly at the light switch box, which was on the wall by the door.

I almost instantly had light from the sun (pretty bright!) shining exactly where I needed to have light.

It is hard for me to think of a good reason not to upgrade my “normal” to this now proven higher level. I should expect super natural, super rational, super ingenious answers every time I ask someOne as wondersfully inGenious as Yahweh for help!

Evidence supports the rationale upgrade!

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