Cursed with Disunity

Yahweh responded to the building project at Babel with a word and a deed (Genesis 11). The word was a declaration that the people were united, and could, therefore, do ANYthing. The deed was to divide them into groups, separating them by the varied languages that He caused them to suddenly be able to speak.

From the perspective of the people, Yahweh had cursed them. He ruined their project, and He created division between them. This division is the root of racism, nationalism, even the contempt and competitive attitudes that arise between rival universities, generally related to their sports departments.

The division did not cause the “isms,” however. It simply exposed them. It was actually a blessing, not a curse. It was the voluntary empowerment from Yahweh that He gave to humans to make them able to proceed with His instructions to Noah – fill the earth.

Much of the discomfort that happens in our lives, seeming to be a hindrance, is really the King exercising His power to influence our futures by opening and closing doors. You cannot see His Kingdom until you are born of the Spirit.

Even then, you must be willing. Even better is to desire it.

Ask Him to show you how much of what you have been rebuking the devils over is really your Dad giving you a rebuke. Or maybe giving you an invitation.

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