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Super Rational

One of my favorite advisors advised me this morning to stop calling myself crazy. Yes, most of what I believe I am to accomplish before I die is impossible, but that doesn’t mean that I am crazy for expecting it to happen. Yes, the people who receive the most encouragement through me are people who […]

Super Vision Advisory

Scary toys usually have a disclaimer printed on the packaging: “Adult Supervision Required.” Another one made famous when TV was young was, “Kids, don’t try this at home! We’re trained professionals. You could get hurt!” Those warnings were probably imposed by a board member’s lawyer, not his mom. The concern was likely for the company’s […]

Giving Life

Because we are born of God, and the life we live in these beautiful bodies is just a passing thing compared with how long our lives really are, no matter how you live here, it is going to cost you everything. Laying down your life for your friends costs all you have and more. It […]

New Normal

Rational thinking is what we are told we should base all of our decisions on. Everything should line up with evidence and rational predictability. An example could be that the sun is likely to shine tomorrow, but only until evening, then it will get dark. If you see something that fits into miraculous better than […]