Receiving Things

The processes by which we receive things from the Spirit seem to be a little different, depending on the gift: we gain knowledge, but we discover truth. We obtain abundant life. I think that there may be an indication there of which things come by standing in the right place at the right time, compared to which ones must be carved from a mine with a pick or a drill.

Sometimes it maybe is just at an appointed time that the blessing comes, like when Pentecost had fully arrived, and the Holy Spirit rested on the head of each person who was present in the upper room. Other times, Jesus’ instructions to pray and never faint, like the persistent widow make clear the only path to gaining what we want or need.

As always, the deduction I make is, “Ask the Spirit.” He will show you how to gain what He has prepared for you to possess. Ask Him how to pray. Ask Him what to do, or where to be, or with whom. Then do what He says.

Like the king’s servant in the story of Esther, He knows what pleases the King, and how to approach Him with your plea. He wants you to be the best you there ever was or will be. Ask Him how to be awesome.

… for although the law was given through Moses,
grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.
(John 1:17 Holman Christian Standard Bible ®©)

New Vinedressers

Jesus told a parable (Mark 12:1-12) about a landowner and a vineyard that he leased to some vinedressers. These tenant farmers tried to take the farm for themselves, but Jesus said that it was going to be taken from them and given to other vineyard keepers. The chief priests, the scribes, and the elders knew that He was telling the parable about them, but their response was to proceed to bring the story to life by killing the land Owner’s Son, not by repenting.

A change in management is coming soon in the ministries of prophet and teacher in the Church. Teachers will be appearing soon who are able to discern two very important things. One is that they should stop looking for information about the Church in the parables that Jesus taught, and look instead for revelation about the Kingdom. They will at last realize that He usually started them with the phrase, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” because He was teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven, not the family of the King of Heaven.

The second thing they will realize is that previous teacher-invented products like the “Left Behind Series,” and “Prophecy Conferences,” even though they have generated much revenue and hype, have done nothing but distract the Church from the ministry of invading the earth with manifestations of the Kingdom. This second revelation will include the acknowledgement that teachers don’t get interpretation of prophecies; prophets do.

As they step aside from trying to tend to that work, and encourage their brothers and sisters who are prophets to begin doing it, prophets will become proficient at interpreting current events in light of words that are proceeding from the mouth of the King, and by revelation that brings light to Scriptural prophecies. Prophets will lead their coworkers in many areas of influence – not just the Church. Just as Daniel and Joseph were installed in governments to lead prophetically, this new group of tenants will lead in any office or business they are called to.

Pray for it. Look for it. Fan its flame when you begin to see it.

Blog News

I have talked to a few people recently who were surprised when I told them that when there is a Scripture reference in a blog post that is a different color than the rest of the text, you can click it and go to and read the Scripture there. It may be more convenient than having to open your Book or your Bible program and look it up. Those links look like John 7:37-39. Click the reference and you can read it.

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Many blessings – much agape…


Sowing and Reaping

You don’t have to always reap what you sow, even though that is the normal state of things.

One day, Father sowed His Son. You can reap What He sowed. There is probably more fruit from that available than you have harvested, no matter how much you have found so far. Look for more.

Behavior and Life

Our work in the earth regarding others’ lives is not to make better behaved people of them.

People need to know the difference between right and wrong. More important, though, is to know the difference between Life and death. Leading them to abundant life by introducing them to Life Himself will improve their behavior. Pointing out their mistakes and failures might not.

Jails are full of people who knew they were breaking the laws that got them arrested. Heaven will be full of people who met the Person Who served their sentence on the cross.

Rules or Maps

The Bible doesn’t change us. It reveals Christ to us. It reveals to us what we really look like – like a mirror (James 1:22-25).

When we memorize it, and meditate on it, when we use it as a map instead of a rule book, the Holy Spirit will use it to lead us into our destinies of leading the people around us into life and out of death.

The Kingdoms of The World

The human governments and cultures of nations aren’t sources of darkness and abuse simply because evil people are ruling in them and influencing them.

Darkness overtakes cultures and governments because sons and daughters of Yahweh are not rising up to bring influence to them from their relationships with the King of Righteousness.

You may feel as unempowered or unimpressive as Gideon, who was hiding in a winepress when the messenger of Yahweh found him and called him a “mighty warrior,” (Judges 6:11-16). You may still, however, be called to make a great difference in the earth – either by doing something to influence culture, or to influence a person who proceeds to do so.

 “But I will be with you,” the Lord said to him.

Fertilizer & Prayer

Leonard Ravenhill made some challenging comments about our preparation for Sunday morning meetings.

The idea he presented was that if we spent at least as much time getting spiritually ready as we did getting dressed up and made up, we would have different meetings, and we would be different after we had them.

If we have a garden, we put fertilizer in it if we want it to do well at producing flowers or fruit. Prayer impacts our lives and our work and our relationships that way too. The more we apply the better the garden grows.

Embarrassed by the Unexplainable

Are you stuck in a place where all you expect to do, where all you expect Yahweh to do, is what can be easily explained? Where what is expected is what seems possible under normal circumstances?

Sometimes that is exactly what we should be expecting. Much of the time, though, I think that we should be expecting the impossible. We should frequently expect things to happen that cannot be explained.

In 1956, several missionaries were killed by Huaorani warriors in Ecuador when they went to evangelize them. One of the martyrs was Nate Saint. One of the warriors was Mincayani. Two years later, Nate’s wife and children and a couple more missionaries successfully moved into the village of the Huaroani tribe, leading them to Christ. Mincayani, because he had killed Nate, felt responsible for becoming a father to Nate’s children, and developed a strong relationship with Nate’s son Stevie.

Stevie brought Mincayani to the US beginning in 1997. He was impressed that when Stevie went to a grocery store, the people gave him whatever he wanted. When they went to a restaurant with a drive through window, Mincayani described the scene to his wife back in Ecuador: “The people hand you all the food you want through a window, and they don’t even make you trade anything for it!”

Stevie tried to correct him by pointing out that he had paid for it by giving them his credit card. “Yes- but they just give it back to you!” was Mincayani’s response. We typically have just as little understanding of transactions and activities in the Kingdom. Mincayani lived in the remote jungle of Ecuador for over 60 years before Stevie Saint put him in a plane and brought him to the US. He had no frame to put that new picture in.

We have the writings of both Old and New Testaments to use as frames for what to expect. We should be able to grasp more than we do. We shouldn’t be embarrassed by not being able to explain why our God does some things and doesn’t do some others. We should be in a dialog with Him that teaches us His ways.

(See the 2004 film Beyond the Gates of Splendor and 2006 End of the Spear for details of the story about the missionaries and the Huaoani tribe, and encouragement about viewing a bigger picture of the Kingdom of God.)