Storing Oil

Suppose that in some way in your life, you are like the virgins Jesus mentioned in Matthew 25:1-13. Maybe in the future, if not now…

What is the oil that you are storing? What are you preparing for? Some people are storing food for the apocalypse. Some people are storing money for retirement. Some are just collecting punches on their loyalty cards to get a free cup of coffee.

What is Jesus thinking of in your life that would qualify as “wisdom” that is prepared for His appearing? Clearly, it is important in the story He told of the virgins.  Some of the clues include the fact that all went to sleep. When awakened, the wise had prepared for providing light on short notice. It all has something to do with Jesus being our King.

The final advice was to be alert and watchful. Expect to be surprised in some way about the timing, but if you don’t have ideas about how to be prepared for your future, ask the Spirit! He wants you to succeed at the mission Jesus died to assign to you. Expect to be well informed about how to be the you He ordained you to be.