The Greatest of the Gods

In Exodus 18:1-12, a reunion is described when Jethro, the father of Moses’ wife Zipporah, brought her and Moses’ sons to him in the desert. Jethro had heard much of what Yahweh had done to the Egyptians when He delivered the Israelis from them, but Moses gave him more details and told him of additional events.

Part of Jethro’s response was, “Now I know that Yahweh is greater than all the gods, because they were arrogant against Israel, but He was above them!” His idea was that nations pick their gods, and that as the nations fight, the gods do the prevailing. Part of this world view believes that a strong nation with a weak god can’t prevail over a weak nation with a powerful god.

This mindset still prevails in much of the world. I think that it should prompt us to pray that the United States would prevail over Muslim murderers in the earth, and that the power struggle would prompt people who have been slaves of Islam to seek what they would perceive to be the greater God, since they have the misinformation that the US is a “Christian nation.”

As they seek Him and His Kingdom, they will come to understand that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, in spite of the false part of the narrative about His relationship with the US.