Praying the Kingdom Comes

Around 650 AD, Muslims finally prevailed in their attempts to conquer Persia. Their “evangelism” then included an invitation to become servants of Mohammad’s allah, or to be infidels subjected to a tax called jizya, or to be enslaved, or to be killed. Descendants of Persia still don’t consider themselves to be Arabs, and have their own version of Islam, setting them at odds with many Arabic Muslims.

For about 25 years leading up to 1978, Iran (part of what was Persia) was ruled by a king (“shah”) who led the nation to prosperity and freedom that was unmatched in the Middle East. He was displaced by a coup that seems to have been created by his socialist/communist enemies, and his government was replaced by a dictatorship ruled by Muslim clerics. There is currently brewing in the nation an apparent revolution, whose cries include “We don’t want an Islamic Republic.”

After World War II, Japan’s leadership requested through General Douglas MacArthur that the Church would send missionaries to their people to introduce them to Jesus. The church’s response was predominantly “That is too dangerous.” Japan is currently one of the most difficult nations in which to attempt church planting.

Pray that the Kingdom of God will invade any governmental vacuum that appears in Iran, as Godly people give leadership under His guidance. Pray that the Church of Jesus will invade any vacuum that an uprising against Islamic oppression might create.