Coming or Going

If you piled up all of the songs in American hymnbooks, almost half of them are about going to Heaven when we die. Probably another third of them are about having been comforted in our difficulties. Then Christmas carols and easter songs, then a few that just praise Him in His glory and His perfect character.

Most of it is about us, and most of what’s about us is weekend stuff – what we’re going to do when we knock off work on Friday. Going to Heaven.

We should be more focused on sitting in the throne and coming to earth in that posture! He has made us sit together in the throne, and wants to show us from that perspective the valuables hidden here in fields, and the opportunities that are about to open when a government topples somewhere, or when a business takes off.

We have access to revelation about the future and the present and the past. Listening to Him will set us up for success and advancement. Maybe it will even get us invitations to the next dinner He plans to crash (Luke 19:1-9)…