Problems are probably always related to people. Unclean spirits are frequently the sources of problems, but apart from people accepting or even hosting their activities, those spirits are like poverty-stricken orphans in a Charles Dickens story, peering in a bakery window at the warm pastries with no pennies to buy one.

John saw in the Revelation of Jesus that one day the ruler over unclean spirits would be bound by one angel and thrown in a pit that has no bottom. He will be locked there for 1000 years. One angel does it.

The dangers and torments that come against you from unclean things will find their ability to annoy or harm you through either your own agreement with them, or through another person. I have seen a demonized woman leave a workplace and two other people started acting just like her when she left.

How to fight a fight that is not against flesh and blood, but which, without the assistance of flesh and blood would not be a fight? Intercession (not accusation or condemnation) for the people to be free from the influence. Intercession that they would be empowered to life and righteousness and blessing. Standing against all the unclean spirits with the words the Spirit of Righteousness gives as words of war. Declarations of the promises of Yahweh.

Agape and faith.