To Whom the Kingdom?

If you have read what I wrote about the Bible last year (Using the Bible), you know that I am convinced that everything written in the Bible is not a promise to you. If it were true, you would need to be running most of the time to escape all of the promised curses that can be found there.

If the Spirit of God quickens (gives life to) some passage of Scripture, and speaks it to you, or affirms it as a word to you, then it is a sure word spoken by the same voice that spoke the stars into being. You can run with that, instead of from it!

Luke (12:22-34) recorded some of Jesus’ words to His disciples about living as citizens of His nation, no longer having to chase the things that the nations around them had to. They didn’t need retirement plans or extra clothing for use on the earth, but should instead be investing in the more important future they would experience in heaven after their time in the earth was done.

The process of converting their valuables to the currency of home, where they would be moving to at some point, was to give it away. Their treasures and their hearts would always be in the same place. Look through chapter 12 of Luke’s good news, thinking of your relationship to the nation of God. Ask Him how much of the list of instructions and promises you find there apply to your life. Write down what He says so you don’t lose it or forget it.

Go be awesome. Live the Abundant Life.