Being Victim Eyed

When someone is offering me $12k I look at it differently than when someone is billing me $12k. The “point of view” that I take in any situation can turn it into any number of misunderstandings or re-presentations.

If I make all of the observations I answer situations with all day be influenced by the cross of Jesus and the throne of Jesus, they all might take on new values and purposes and levels of impact. Giving me a barrel of money that can’t be spent in the country I live in doesn’t have much value. Conversion could happen that revalues it.

When we love one another, just as Christ has loved us, when we forgive one another, just as God in Christ forgave us, when we esteem one another as greater than us, when we become the servant of all, we have stepped into the place where the view is the clearest.

Other perspectives are cloudy or dark. It is hard to hear the directives the Holy Spirit wants to speak in us when we are most concerned about our status as victims or the size of the bill we are getting as servants.

Every moment is an excellent time to let that mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus – when He decided to come to earth as the Son of Man.

Saul’s Preparation

David was anointed to be king by Samuel. Part of his preparation for the work of reigning over God’s nation was in Jesse’s fields, where he learned to worship, and to fight enemies greater than himself.

Part of his preparation for ruling was accomplished by developing a friendship with Saul’s son Jonathan. Part came from silencing Goliath’s threats of abuse against the nation.

Before David was crowned even by part of the nation, he was hunted by Saul’s army through the desert for over a decade. This was part of his preparation to rule.

Saul didn’t get the benefit of being prepared in the desert before he was crowned king. Therefore, the time he did have in the desert was spent persecuting the ministry Yahweh had anointed to replace him.


You need a firewall if you have a computer. It stops some stupid people from being able to destroy or steal your stuff.

You rarely need a fearwall, though. Hiding until things look easier or safer or more respectable is usually not the path to your awesome destiny. Gideon could not become who the angel said he was until he climbed out of the wine press. He was hiding there, doing work that was supposed to be done in a wide open place where the wind could blow away the husks he was beating off his grain.

The angel called him “Valiant Warrior.” When he stepped into that identity out of the place of hiding, he was immediately courageous enough to declare war on every pagan in his village. He knocked over their idol, which was prominently located on the town square.

Then, he declared war on an army that outnumbered him by 10 to 1. Well, that was the match before Yahweh sent 30,000 of his soldiers home before the fight. When God was done setting the odds on the game, he was outnumbered 100 to 1. And he was told not to take any weapons to the event.

What you need is a strong tower. You need the kind that you can take with you onto any battlefield. You will be safe in the name of Yeshua, the Messiah of God. You can even mess it up by anglicanizing it into “Jesus,” and it still has the power to heal the sick, raise the dead, and terrorize your enemies.

Proverbs 18:10