Meeting Jesus in our Baptisms

Some Criteria for Identifying Baptisms
* There is a real danger of our destruction
* God intends to effect growth through the baptism, usually in one or more of three areas:
– Knowing our God
– Knowing who He says we are
– Knowing our purpose/ministry/destiny/calling
* We have to submit to our God and His fellowship in the baptism and in His intent in order to receive the blessing of the baptism becoming a prophetic act instead of merely being an empty ritual or pointless pain
* If we cooperate and expect our God to bless us in the baptism it frees Him to wash or burn away the influence or presence of our enemies
* Our landscape or environment for life or ministry can change through our baptism; we are taken to a higher place of provision, revelation, position, honor, authority.

When Joseph was being baptized in Pharaoh’s prison, his deliverance came through his fellowship with the man whose work was to bring the bread and the man whose work was to bring the wine – the baker and the cupbearer.  One gave his life in the process. One spoke for Joseph to be released and exalted to great authority.

The baptisms he had experienced prepared Joseph to bear the mantle of ruler. Pray that your difficult situation will be effective before you pray that it will be over.

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