Leaving Something

Most of the people who are remembered after they die are remembered in terms of what they built. All building isn’t measured in terms of “buildings,” but sometimes in terms of what was happening that needed to stop, or a process that was created, or a freedom that was established.

I haven’t counted, but it seems that the percentage is at least large, of people whose investment in the earth was not appreciated until after they died. Many of their contemporaries insulted their dreams, often because they saw the innovators’ suggestions as insults to their maintenance programs¬†for previous ideas. New implies that Old was not good enough.

I don’t suggest that you build in order to be remembered. I do suggest that you build to make a difference in the earth that was imparted from heaven. Finding purpose, pursuing the realization of John 15:16 and 1 Corinthians 12:18, investing life in what God sees to be valuable, these produce change that is worth living or dying for.

Jesus died to make the difference He imparted to the earth. We are investing our lives in something. Make it count. Leave something in the earth that was worth your life.

Go be awesome!

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